Corporate Image Development
  To reach your target audience and stand out from the competitors, a unique corporate image is the most essential element. According to your unique business belief, we provide you with the following corporate identity services:
- Design a unique corporate identity (logo)
- Build up internal image by designing stationary, uniform, shop image, sales presentation and so on.
- Build up external image by product packaging, event production, marketing communication and so on.
We believe that developing the right corporate image is more than just creating a logo, but all the positioning, marketing strategy and so on. Our skills and passion will take your business to the next level.
  Event Project Management
  We offer a full range of event agent services including the strategy, creative development, design, production, and staging of event programs. Examples of event projects are trading exhibition, booth production, event promotion planning, marketing strategy and planning. Our experience and satisfied clients have proved our expert project management of production and technical talents within your required time frame and budget.
  Your life will be much easier with our excellent event production as every detail will be carefully taken care of and handled by us. We commit to achieving success for your business by providing optimal solution.
  Strategic Marketing Planning
  Marketing message needs to be clear and more importantly, be memorable. Our service of strategic marketing planning is to make sure that your great idea become feasible and even profitable.
  Our strategic marketing planning involves setting target audience, promoting event, determining sales channel and so on. Experienced planners will work with you to decide which marketing activities will be most cost effective for your business. We will further polish your great ideas into written plans and effective presentations.
  We provide beginning-to-end marketing planning which will minimize your costs while maximize your revenue. You may achieve your business goal with our help in executing events associated with the marketing plan.
  Multimedia Design
  In order to associate with your marketing planning, our design team provides you with creative idea and professional execution. After analyzing in detail, our multimedia design services fit whatever marketing and promotional campaign you want to launch. Some of the services include:
- Web Design & Developing
- Flash Presentation
- Courseware Design & Programming
- Online Advertising Promotion
- Packing & Product Solution design
- Online Game Design and Developing
    As online marketing is growing at a fast pace, our group of web designing and developing experts that specialize in interactive website designs covers from back-end support, including online applications, e-commerce solution (shopping cart) and flash game to front end design, including website interface design. Our design will further enhance your company’s competitiveness.
  Editing / Copywriting
  Persuasive and impressive copy helps to bring a campaign to success. Our copywriting service enables you to brighten your prospects, capture customers’ interest as well as motivate them to consume. We provide you with a full range of web and print business copywriting which include:
- Printed Matters Copywriting
- Direct Marketing Writing (DM)
- Press Release Copywriting
- Sales Kit Copywriting
- Scriptwriting
    In this cutthroat corporate marketplace, what you really need is a killer copywriting to standout your business. Let your dream grow beyond with our combination of marketing expertise with insightful copy.
  eCommerce (Business Proposal / Sales Presentation)
  It is very often to have sales presentations in order to win the business among a few competitors. A dry PowerPoint presentation will definitely fail to satisfy your clients. Instead, they are always looking to business with organizations that are unique.
  To make sure that your clients are buying your products or services, our marketing expertise will help you to develop a thoroughly memorable and convincing sales presentation. With our professional advice and technique, your business will easily stand out from the crowd with a creative sales presentation.
  We provide professional photography for different media needs. We also provide a complete digital work flow in photography which high resolution digital camera and large format film will be provided by request as well. Our portfolio covers various aspects with expertise in fashion, portrait, still, product, food, interior, etc. With our working skills and experience, you can enjoy a cost-effective and high quality photography solution to your business.

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